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Please let me introduce you to the charming Reverend Doctor I. Merrill Bishop, Th.D., the lead in our story. That's her, on the cover. Even today, women in the pastorate face issues their male peers seldom see. An ordained single woman must overcome these same prejudices along with the added complication of dealing with potential romantic complications. Pastor Merrill sees these difficulties and faces them head-on, relying on her innate optimism plus her strong faith to carry her through. However, she never expects to be forced to confront dead bodies appearing inexplicably in her new church. With the help of her brothers, her orphaned nephew, her new friends of the First Ladies Club, and the handsome reporter she meets, Merrill manages to survive disasters and personal peril to uncover the dark secrets among her flock and fulfill her calling.

About the Author

J.B. Hawker is a woman of a certain age who still looks forward to the amazing adventures ahead. As a pastor's wife for more than twenty-five years, she writes about what she knows; the unique, often humorous workings of the small town congregation as viewed from the parsonage. J.B. has published many articles on faith and ministry. She is a two-time winner of the BRAG Medallion Award for writers.

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