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What’s so funny?

You know how, when you read or see something that makes you laugh, you want to share it? Or when hearing someone laughing, you want to know what’s funny? It is human nature to want to share laughter. Laughing together can create a bond of affection.  On the other hand, ridicule drives a wedge between those laughing and the ones being laughed at.

With so many smartphone apps and handheld devices streaming individual entertainment, a whole family can be in the same room watching different entertainment.  Have you ever felt left out when you are with someone who is looking at their handheld screen, listening through earbuds and they begin to laugh? Even if you interrupt them to ask what’s funny, you are seldom able to share the moment. This is especially true if you don’t share the same political views.

Today we need a whole lot more affectionate laughter. We either need to find more non-controversial things to laugh at together, or we need to start being able to laugh at ourselves.

When I need a good laugh, I love to pull up YouTube videos of old Abbott and Costello routines, or those of other old-time comedians. No political commentary, no culture wars diatribes, just good, wholesome humor. And it’s so much better when I can share a hearty laugh with someone.baby laughing

A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones. – Proverbs 17:22 (NAS)

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