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bunny photo purpleHey, Everybody! It’s me, Bunny!

I’m filling in for J.B. today, while she puts her feet up and recuperates from her big release launch. She says it went really well, by the way, and wants me to thank you all for your support downloading, reviewing and retwittering to beat the band.

Now, I don’t know why she had to make such a big to-do about “launching” A Corpse in the Chapel when she never did anything like that for my series books, and they did just fine.  Of course, she left me out of this book, so maybe it needed a little extra boost.

Anyhoo, she’s not here, so while the cat’s away, Bunny’s gonna play.

I’ve been wanting to chat with you all for quite a while. (Did you notice that “you all”? Now that I’m spending part of my time in Texas, I’m picking up the accent!)

What I’ve been wanting to say is this: J.B. Hawker is unfair to her characters.  She puts us in just terrible situations and makes us deal with people you would never invite into your own home. Believe me, what she’s dragged me through you wouldn’t wish on a dog.

And what about this business with Max? Will we? Won’t we? Did we? Should we? I’m getting too mature, shall we say, for that sort of nonsense. Then, when she finally gets us married and we sail off on a nice, peaceful honeymoon, she lets us get attacked by cutthroat Somali pirates! I mean, really!

Well, yes, I know, we did have a happy ending. This is J.B., after all, you can usually count on a happy ending…but, I’m warning you, don’t trust her!

When she began a new series about my friends in the First Ladies Club, I was feeling sort of left out. So, she let me have a little teensy weensy part in the story, but, then what does she do? Kills Max off between series! Just blows him up and he’s never found. How am I supposed to feel about that?

She tried to make it up to me in the next book, A Body in the Belfry, by saying Max’s loopy daughter, Marki, thought she saw him alive. So, now we’re back to “Is he or Isn’t he?” Am I a widow, or not? And if he’s alive, why didn’t he come home?

I’m glad J.B. left me out of this latest book. No telling what she’d have me getting up to, with all the mummies and mushrooms and all.

Anyway, I met the main character in her next series (coming out sometime next year), Mrs. Matilda Thistlethwaite (is that any kind of moniker to slap on a perfectly nice little old lady, I ask you?) and I warned her to watch out for J.B.’s antics.

Well,now, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I do believe I feel a little better. I think I’ll make myself a nice cup of tea, grab a couple of gingersnaps and join J.B. on the front porch, where she’s been lolling on a chaise lounge, sipping mint lemonade, and reading the latest C.J. Box novel … while I’ve been typing my fingers to the bone doing her job.

That woman is a real piece of work!


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