Busy, busy, busy

Well, this has been a full week!

I’m in the midst of launch preparations for next month’s release of A Corpse in the Chapel, but I’ve managed to do some necessary housekeeping on my other books, too.  I’m happy to be able to say I’ve finally uploaded revised interior files for Hollow (edition 2). I made format corrections, fixed previously overlooked typos and made other improvements. Hollow was my first novel and I’ve learned a few things in the years since it was published. I hope new readers will, now, have a more enjoyable reading experience.

I’ve also updated the back pages of all my books’ digital versions to include links to review, buy, and connect with me.

The Kindle versions of the covers of Seadrift and …and Something Blue were tweaked to make them cleaner and easier to read. I’m getting a handle on using paint.net (the free version of a PhotoShop-type graphics program) to make attractive Twitter and Facebook posts, too, and I’ve been connecting with various groups on social media to promote my books with these posts.

I’ve had a couple of copy-editing assignments to finish, as well, this week. These are the days when I would like to be paid by the hour.

Once my new book is released, I will be sharing with you some background items from the story, such as photos of the twins’ vintage prom gowns and Judy’s recipe for vegan mushroom and sorrell soup.



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