Character Sketch: Judy Falls

It is time to get better acquainted with Judy Falls, the main character in A Corpse in the Chapel, coming out this summer. We first met Judy in book one of The First Ladies Club series. Birth Name: Judith Anne Cushings. Married to … Continued

The Works of J.B.Hawker Weekly Blog

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I have been writing a weekly author blog at for a couple of years, now. Many of you are following via WordPress, email, or Twitter (Thank you!). Recently, I created the website. In order to streamline site maintenance and … Continued

Fifty Shades of Earl Grey

I belong to a support group of independent authors whose writing, whether  romance, mystery or thriller, falls roughly in the general category of Cozy. We eschew foul language or gratuitous sex and violence. Currently there is a lively discussion about … Continued

Drowning in the Flood of Freebies?

When I first entered the world of the independent author in 2011, I read every bit of wisdom I could find about each step of the process, from the first germ of an idea, though outline and character development all … Continued

The joys of networking

This summer I have enjoyed collaborating on a Kindle bundle promotion with four incredibly talented and generous authors. For the bundle, entitled “Under the Italian Sun,” we each contributed one cozy mystery novel set in Italy. The five of us … Continued

Ouch! That hurts, thank you.

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One thing both independent authors and traditionally published writers share is criticism. However a work gets published, once it is “out there” it is fair game. The first time I hit the “Publish” button, I felt physically ill, for fear … Continued

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