Second Saturday Author Interview with Sally Carpenter

Today’s guest is Sally Carpenter, an author whose life experiences give her a wealth of material for her enjoyable books. Sally has the rather odd combination of a black belt in tae kwon do and a master’s degree in theology. She’s … Continued

One Magical Christmas

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One Magical Christmas When I was a little girl it wasn’t unusual for small children to believe Santa Claus is real. It was a more innocent and gentler time, back then. Children in my generation weren’t as sophisticated and worldly … Continued

Halloween Remembered

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How Bunny Got Her Name “Wait for me, Linda! Jeannie, hold up!” seven-year-old Leveline Elder called to her older sisters, as they disappeared around a bend in the rural mountain road. Sniffling back tears and stumbling in an old pair … Continued

Beta Readers Needed for Work in Progress

I finished the penultimate proof copy of the manuscript of “A Corpse in the Chapel” this week and I’m ready for some creative input from you, my discerning reader. Are you willing to read this unpolished draft and provide constructive … Continued

Where do authors find their inspiration?

Most writers will tell you any intense or traumatic incident or significant life event will eventually find its way onto the written page. Whether writing semi-autobiographical fiction or the wildest fantasy,  our words and ideas spring from our own experiences. … Continued

Second Saturday Interview with Inspirational Author, Rachel Skatvold

We are pleased to have Rachel Skatvold joining us today. Hello, Rachel. Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule writing inspirational romance, devotions, and encouraging blogs to be with us. My readers and I are looking forward to getting … Continued

Would you like to review your purchase? Heck, no!

If, like me, you frequently buy things from Amazon, you are familiar with the emails they send out asking for a review of the product.  These reviews are helpful for the seller and for other shoppers on the website, so … Continued

Creativity has many faces

Judy Falls, the lead character in my current work-in-progress, A Corpse in the Chapel, is a world class recycler and re-purposer. She loves to take other people’s discards and turn them into the sort of weathered treasures we see in … Continued

Progress Report on A Corpse in the Chapel

Hello Happy Readers, Today’s blog is a quick update on my current work in progress.  I’ve reached the 40,000 word mark in the manuscript (aiming for 50,000), the first third has been through a couple of edits and I’m working … Continued

Second Saturday Author Interview: Diane Weiner

Today we are visiting with cozy mystery author, Diane Weiner. Diane is a veteran public school teacher and mother of four children. She has enjoyed reading for as long as she can remember and, like many of her fans, has fond memories of Nancy … Continued

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