Upcoming September Excitement

We’re still sweltering in August heat here in Northern California, but September will arrive soon. Many of our California schools resume classes in the second week of August, but in my heart September remains the beginning of the year and … Continued

New First Ladies Club Cover Reveal

First Ladies Club final new cover revealed! We went in a lot of directions with this one, but thanks to some super advice from my friends and supporters, including the Sweet Cozy Mystery Writers Support Group and Clean Indie Reads Facebook … Continued

Results of Free Kindle Books and Tips Author Sidebar Promo on New Release

I promised an update on last week’s promo:  For the week long promo I had a sales bump of 21 full price copies of The First Ladies Book Club. Sales had been pretty flat, so this is a good increase. It paid for … Continued

My Last Promo for awhile, I promise

After today, I’m taking a break from promotion to concentrate on writing my WIP, The body in the Belfry, preparing for speaking engagements and redesigning the series covers to add coherence to my brand. Please help me go out with … Continued

Paid Promotions Experiences

With my newest book I’ve expanded  distribution beyond Amazon and invested in a few paid promotions. I’d like to share my experiences, so far, to assist other indie authors. My book published on all platforms on February 10. It was … Continued

Book Review: The First Ladies Club by J.B. Hawker

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Whether living in a rectory, manse or parsonage, life married to a small town minister calls for faith, hope, and charity; plus heaping helpings of tact and the skin of a rhinoceros. New to this life in the small coastal … Continued

On Tenterhooks, Once More

My new book, hopefully the first in a new series, went live last week on Amazon for the print copies and this coming week in digital on several platforms. Now comes the really difficult part of being an independent author…waiting for reviews. … Continued

New Work in Progress – Sneak Peek-The Body in the Belfry

With the first installment  in my new series, The First Ladies Club, in pre-order for release in early February, it’s time for a sneak peek at the next book in the series, The Body in the Belfry.  The prologue and … Continued

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