Celebrating the spoken word

Readers and writers share a love of the written word. Today’s blog is celebrating the spoken word; when we lift the written words from the page with our voice for others to hear.


For those of you who enjoy audio books, I’ve just released the audio version of Vain Pursuits via Audible, voiced by  professional narrator, Wendy Kay White. It is available for purchase from Audible, Amazon and iTunes.


If we have a favorable response to this first audio book effort, we will record my other published work.


I’m not a professional narrator, like Wendy, but I’ve had about a million hours of experience reading bedtime stories, so when a dear friend in Italy asked me to record some of my writing to help her with the English pronunciations as she read, I jumped right in.


To listen to me reading the prologue and initial scene of A Corpse in the Chapel click on the media player link directly below:

corpse in chapel 625x1000 jpeg






If the above snippet whets your whistle, you can listen to the prologue and first six pages of …and Something Blue, too, below.SOMETHING BLUE COUPLE COVER UPDATE


You can leave your thoughts about this post, about audio books in general, or on my amateur efforts in particular, below. I love to hear from my wonderful readers!

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