Character Sketch: Judy Falls

It is time to get better acquainted with Judy Falls, the main character in A Corpse in the Chapel, coming out this summer. We first met Judy in book one of The First Ladies Club series.Judy

Birth Name: Judith Anne Cushings. Married to Rev. Kenneth Falls when she was eighteen. Ken is twenty years older than Judy, but the marriage is a happy one.

Background: Judy is the youngest child of an older ministry couple and was raised in a series of rundown parsonages with her two brothers, Nathan and Aaron. Her father was remote and strict, but kind. Her mother was subservient to her father, and deferred to him in all things.

Occupation: Pastor’s wife, mother of twin teen-aged daughters, recycler extraordinaire, gardener, and craftsperson

Physical Description: Judy is a young-looking woman in her mid-forties. She’s medium height,  with a voluptuous figure (she thinks she’s too fat), and dark blond shoulder-length hair (usually untidy). Judy prefers hippy-bohemian garb (mostly either vintage, hand sewn or loomed) and is partial to gypsy-style layered skirts, peasant blouses, flowing shawls and scarves. She often appears at least slightly disheveled as she flits from woodlands to garden to workshop. It would not be unusual to find Judy digging through piles of roadside discards or an abandoned building looking for treasures to re-purpose and give away.

Personality: Sweet, sincere, energetic and slightly ditsy. She has never outgrown her childish mannerisms and is outspoken to a fault, but never malicious. Naive in some ways, Judy is wise in others. She plays child-bride to her much older husband, but that role is beginning to chafe. We will see Judy mature and develop in our current story.

Habits/Mannerisms: Judy is a vegan who loves all of creation. She can be scatter-brained and clumsy. Messy in her personal style, she is meticulous in the garden or workshop. In earlier centuries she might have been the village wise-woman, living in a ramshackle cottage full of medicinal herbs and potions.

Internal Conflicts: Judy loves the Lord and her family, but she’s beginning to feel stifled by her husband. Her daughters are about to go away to college and she is becoming restless. She wants a new challenge and an opportunity to become, and be seen as, a capable adult. However, she still enjoys having Ken take care of her and treat her as his child-bride.

External Conflicts: These arise in the pages of the current book, so you will need to wait to read about them. The sneak peek on the Work in Progress page of this website will give you some idea of the adventures awaiting Judy.

I can promise you a few surprises in this latest book in the First Ladies Series.

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