Face-to-Face with Readers

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Last weekend I was privileged to have been invited to speak at a Christian women’s retreat in beautiful Montana. The organizers encouraged me to bring some of my books to sell and sign during the weekend.  I was a little insecure about shipping the cartons of books because I was afraid I would have to bring them all back home with me. I’m still not too confident when it comes to promoting and selling my work.

Well, I’m happy to say I did sell most of the books I took with me (phew!), but even if I hadn’t sold a single one, the blessings of being with those women and their encouraging words about my speaking and writing were priceless.

If you get a chance to meet with your readers, please don’t let your insecurities or fears of “tooting your own horn” hold you back. I’ll be feeling the glow of warmth and inspiration from last weekend for days and weeks to come.

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