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This book has many nuggets for ministry leaders to contemplate that can benefit their organization and each of the members. Here Author Jonna Hawker Turek gives her purpose for writing this book. “This is not a how-to book, although I have included some practical leadership guidance in these pages. It is my hope the writings in this booklet, gleaned from six years of posts in my weekly blog…will help women in leadership in their work by providing a small amount of inspiration and creative food for thought as they lead their women to achieve great things for the glory of God.”

She exhorts ministers to be relevant in honoring both current and younger generations. Regarding older women, she believes those nearing retirement age are looking for new relationships and activities to make them feel needed and useful. For the younger generation the Author poses a striking question as to whether the group is willing to allow the younger women to exercise influence and control. Here also is a reflection worth mentioning when involving the mentor and mentee. The person mentored must trust the motives of the mentor. “It becomes all too obvious, early on if the mentor is more interested in the concept of being a mentor then in the welfare of the mentee.”

Learn tips on evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization as well as considering and preparing to select others to fill roles in one’s absence. Turek helps the reader to “enjoy the journey” even in the vississitudes of trying times. “Whether joyful or pain filled, God has decided to let me have the experience as a gift… If I remember to look for the lessons and blessings in even the minutia of my life I have no time to worry about blaming anyone for my hurts. ”

Be encouraged to try out new things that God inspires in you, while considering the diverse needs beyond your core group. Here also is a wise tip regarding our words. “If I want the Holy Spirit to get a word in edgewise, I have to quiet my words and let Him whisper the Word into my mind and heart. I don’t want to be just a woman of many words, but a woman of God’s word and God’s power. ”
Overall the advice is very practical and needed. It helps get one out of the mold and mindset of “same thing different year”.

The experience this author brings to the table is from serving as a Cordinator with the American Baptist Women’s Ministries and as a pastor’s wife. Her vast experiences have involved extensive travel and speaking engagements, helping leaders nationwide. Today she writes a weekly inspirational blog reaching women of all ages and denominations.