Kindle Unlimited: Friend or Foe?

This week Amazon added their Kindle Unlimited subscription service. All KDP Select works are automatically included in the service, although authors are able to opt out, if they choose.

KDP Select has been good to me since I became an independent author. I’ve used the free promotional services and seen an increase in sales and reviews.

Since the roll-out of Kindle Unlimited I have seen articles suggesting this is not a good deal for independents and encouraging us to leave KDP Select and offer our books on a variety of sites, such as Smashwords, Kobo, iBooks, etc.

The main downside to leaving the exclusive KDP Select program would seem to be losing my access to Amazon’s Countdown Deals and free promotions.

I would love to hear from other independent authors on the pros and cons of our options in light of Kindle Unlimited.

For me, and for many others, I suspect,  marketing and promotion is the trickiest part of the adventure of being an independent author.

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