My Last Promo for awhile, I promise

After today, I’m taking a break from promotion to concentrate on writing my WIP, The body in the Belfry, preparing for speaking engagements and redesigning the series covers to add coherence to my brand.

Please help me go out with a bang with this promotion of The First Ladies Club on the promotion network by going to, to check out the New Releases feature spot, then hop on over to their Facebook page    

fkbt says: We would also appreciate asking your fan members to give the post a “Like” on the blog’s web page for this specific post once it goes live, as the Facebook computers will publicize the post to more people not directly connected to the blog based upon the level of “Likes” for a given post: more exposure is what you want for your book today!

If you have read and enjoyed this book, this is a great opportunity to let your friends know. Please also consider posting a review.

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Authors and their readers are on this journey together, and  I thank you so much for all your encouragement and feedback.

Next week I will report on the success of our efforts.


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