On Tenterhooks, Once More

My new book, hopefully the first in a new series, went live last week on Amazon for the print copies and this coming week in digital on several platforms.

Now comes the really difficult part of being an independent author…waiting for reviews.

I was fortunate with the first series to have early favorable reviews and readers asking for more. That first book was never planned as the start of a series, so my expectations were low and I was pleasantly surprised.

During the writing of this new work, I felt as though my craft has been improving, so my hopes and expectations were correspondingly higher. The feedback from my editors and beta readers has been mostly positive amid the constructive criticism.

Now that the book is “out there,” I am biting my nails awaiting the first reviews.

Fiction writing exposes authors, not simply for our writing skill, but for our personality, opinions and world view. It asks for the evaluation and approbation of strangers, making us vulnerable to criticism and rejection. Like toddlers offering a finger painted masterpiece, authors hold our breath to see if our creation is proudly displayed on the refrigerator or tossed into a drawer.

If you should happen to read and enjoy my latest, The First Ladies Club, please offer your honest review.

Remember that silence, for the insecure author, is interpreted as rejection.

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