Paying it forward for fellow authors…one more time

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Today I am happy to introduce you to fellow author and Rave Reviews Book Club member, Rebecca Reilly.


Rebecca Reilly is a pastor and has been working in ministry for over thirty years. A wife and mother of two, Rebecca enjoys hiking, jogging, and taking cruises to Hawaii. She discovered–like Phoebe–that life is way more fun when you’re healthy, so Rebecca became a Zumba Instructor and now helps women lose weight as a Certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life ( You can follow Rebecca on Facebook ( and Twitter (  @RebeccaReillyL)

Rebecca writes books for children, as well as adults, and receives stellar reviews for them all. Follow the links below to find the one(s) you want to read today: Diary of a Christian Woman Haunting Megan Into Dark Waters Heart of a Kitty (children) Jammers and his Flying Bed Adventure (children)

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