Paying it Forward for fellow indie author, Kam Carr

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kam carToday’s author is in a brand-new world of print-on-demand, self-promotion and independent publishing, competing with literally millions of other great books for the readers’ attention. Fortunately, there are literally billions of voracious readers looking for their next good book…and they all have different tastes in reading matter.

Today I’m introducing you to Kam Carr, a prolific writer of romantic, erotic and paranormal novels. If this sounds like just what you are looking for, then check her out by clicking on the book image.

You can contact Kam on Twitter and Facebook to let her know how you like her books or to find out more about her.

Twitter: @kam_carr



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  1. We are just meeting Kam, and how wonderful that your #RRBC “PIF” tour is bringing us together. Great program! Enjoy your day and have fun. Thank you J. B. for promoting her today.

  2. Great job for Kam, Jonna- hope you both had a grand time PIFing this time out 😀

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