Progress Report on A Corpse in the Chapel

Hello Happy Readers,

Today’s blog is a quick update on my current work in progress.  I’ve reached the 40,000 word mark in the manuscript (aiming for 50,000), the first third has been through a couple of edits and I’m working on cover ideas, as you can see.draft corpse in chapel cover 6X9

This third book about the pastors’ wives of Bannoch, Oregon, features the Presbyterian pastor’s wife, Judy Falls.  Quirky, impulsive, out-spoken, bohemian, vegan, uber-recycler Judy goes foraging for wild herbs and mushrooms and turns up the mummified remains of a murder victim in the abandoned chapel in the woods. The investigation into this cold case seems hopeless, but the indefatigable Detective Ransom is soon on the trail of the killer.

We learn what’s happening with Judy’s twins, Paisley and Astilbe, now seniors in high school and catch up with the other First Ladies in this latest visit to the seaside community they call home.

I would love to hear your opinion on this cover idea. Your input will be considered when I develop the final design.

Thanks for stopping by!

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