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   As you might suspect from the characters in these books, I’ve spent much of my life in small town churches, many of those years as the pastor’s wife. My characters’ personalities tend to be compilations of people I’ve actually known, and like those real people, they have struggles with their faith in good times and bad. The bad may not have been as bad as the troubles I give my fictional characters, but the strength of faith shown to surmount them is as real as real can be.
     I hope you will explore the worlds I’ve created and enjoy the thrills and chills along with the humor and warm fuzzies I provide to help balance the scary bits. And as you read, please don’t be too hard on my characters when they stumble. Many of us in the real world have scars and bruises from similar slip-ups, as well.
To learn more about me and my books, please drop by again, anytime. 

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Tillie Thistlethwaite, a retired schoolteacher, teaches a yoga class for senior citizens, Tillamook Tillie’s Ripe and Ready Yoga and at the ripe old age of 85 she is ready for anything. Along with her gentleman friend, Slim Bottoms, Tillie keeps busy in her seaside community, taking classes, volunteering, and solving crime.


Short Story Collections:


cozy campfire shorts
Spooky, tongue-in-cheek, cozy mystery stories introducing Matilda Thistlethwaite.











cozy Christmas Sweets
A fun collection of Holiday stories and recipes.











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The First Ladies Club series:

Adventures of a diverse group of Pastors’ wives in the charming seaside community of Bannoch, Oregon, in this cozy thriller series.

corpse cover 3D


The Complete Bunny Elder Set:

Stories of middle-aged pastor’s widow, Bunny, as she strikes out on her own to find a new role outside the parsonage. Along the way she finds peril, adventure, temptations, and even a little romance.

BunnyElderBoxSet cover


  Individual Books of the Bunny Elder series:

Snip3 enlg
 The rug is pulled out from under pastor’s wife, Bunny, when her husband dies. She must rebuild a life for herself despite the serial killer haunting her small mountain town.  
VP Snip 2-medallion enlg
Bunny and newly widowed sister, Linda, fly to Italy in search of an addition to Linda’s Nativity collection and run afoul of smugglers.


















Bunny moves to Oregon to begin a career as a writer and stumbles upon human traffickers.
Together at last! Bunny & Max sail off on a long-awaited honeymoon. Their union is challenged when they encounter Somali pirates.