Busy, busy, busy

Well, this has been a full week! I’m in the midst of launch preparations for next month’s release of A Corpse in the Chapel, but I’ve managed to do some necessary housekeeping on my other books, too.  I’m happy to be able … Continued

Fiction Authors are Different

After publishng my first novel, Hollow, in 2012 in the early days of  print-on-demand and digital publishing, I began reading every bit of advice I could get my hands on about promoting independently published books. I tried to faithfully follow all the advice … Continued

indieBRAG Christmas Blog Hop

Hello, wonderful readers! Bunny Elder Banks here to welcome you to J.B.Hawker’s B.R.A.G. blog party. J.B. is too shy to brag about herself, so, since I was in town, I offered to be your hostess.

Own your passion! Respect your gifts!

   I have a dear friend and former co-worker whose experience can be an inspiration to us all.  My friend, I’ll call her Michelle, joined the Department on a short-term contract to help out in technology. She did the work … Continued

Monthly Author Interviews Coming to The Works of J.B.Hawker

Since beginning my writing career, I’ve been amazed by the generosity of my fellow authors. Rather than a competition, the writing community is more of a support group. With that in mind, I would like to do my part to … Continued

With a little (or a lot) of help from my friends

I belong to an online support group for indie authors, and the wonderful folks who read them, called The Rave Reviews Book Club. The driving force behind this smaller, more intimate Goodreads-type group is Nonnie Jules, a powerhouse of energy … Continued

Paying It Forward for fellow indie author, Carl Stevens

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Indie authors have something for every taste. Today I’m featuring Carl Stevens. Carl Stevens has written a philosophical mystery on time travel . Take the journey he’s written and decide if the time traveler has actually done the impossible, or … Continued

Paying It Forward for fellow indie author, Marlena Hand

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While some of my fellow authors appeal to a vastly different group of readers than I do, Marlena Hand is tending a more similar vineyard. As she says on her website, “I am a writer at heart, a reader of … Continued

Paying it Forward for fellow indie author, Kam Carr

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Today’s author is in a brand-new world of print-on-demand, self-promotion and independent publishing, competing with literally millions of other great books for the readers’ attention. Fortunately, there are literally billions of voracious readers looking for their next good book…and they … Continued

Nook Hardback Self-Publishing

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I got an email last week announcing Barnes & Noble’s new hardback self-publishing feature. You can now have your books printed in hard cover and even with a dust jacket. When I read this I was so excited. How cool … Continued