First Impressions are Important

When browsing the shelves in a library or bookstore, often only the spine of a book is immediately visible, so the title and name of the author make the first impression. However, with online shopping, the cover is the first … Continued

Progress Report on A Corpse in the Chapel

Hello Happy Readers, Today’s blog is a quick update on my current work in progress.  I’ve reached the 40,000 word mark in the manuscript (aiming for 50,000), the first third has been through a couple of edits and I’m working … Continued

New First Ladies Club Cover Reveal

First Ladies Club final new cover revealed! We went in a lot of directions with this one, but thanks to some super advice from my friends and supporters, including the Sweet Cozy Mystery Writers Support Group and Clean Indie Reads Facebook … Continued


An independent author, especially one just starting out, must become a Jack, or Jill of all trades, writer, promoter, and designer. To that end, I have been learning to use the free image manipulation software products Gimp and The results … Continued

Cover Design Update: Back to the Drawing Board

Thanks to all who provided input on the proposed cover design I posted. Everyone who responded seemed to feel strongly about it, some favorably and some not-so-favorably. The colors, style and illustration gave a few people the idea the story was a romance … Continued