Nook Hardback Self-Publishing

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I got an email last week announcing Barnes & Noble’s new hardback self-publishing feature. You can now have your books printed in hard cover and even with a dust jacket. When I read this I was so excited. How cool … Continued

Kindle Unlimited: Friend or Foe?

This week Amazon added their Kindle Unlimited subscription service. All KDP Select works are automatically included in the service, although authors are able to opt out, if they choose. KDP Select has been good to me since I became an … Continued

Ouch! That hurts, thank you.

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One thing both independent authors and traditionally published writers share is criticism. However a work gets published, once it is “out there” it is fair game. The first time I hit the “Publish” button, I felt physically ill, for fear … Continued

Priorities of the Independent Author

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Like many (can I say most?) independent authors, I support myself by working a full-time job. Since completing the Bunny Elder Adventure series, publishing a new book every six months, I had planned to use some of my precious writing … Continued

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