Chasing the Muse

Every writer is inspired by different things. The ancient Greeks ascribed various muses to the arts;  Thalia was for comedy and pastoral poetry, Terpsichore was dance, and Erato was for love poetry. Lately, my personal muse seems to be Melpomene, the muse of tragedy, because, tragically, … Continued

Reader Feedback is Priceless

I am about a third of the way through my current work in progress, The First Ladies’ Club. At this stage of a novel, I sometimes hit a dry patch where I wonder how to proceed, or if I should … Continued

Writer’s Block? What Writers Block?

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We all hear a lot about the struggles writers can have coming up with the next plot turn, but I struggle with the opposite problem, something I call writer’s rush. Once the plot has been outlined, the main characters roughed … Continued