The First Ladies Club First Draft is Finished!

I just sent off the manuscript to my proof-reader (whew!) and am looking for beta-readers (no intellectual property pirates, please!) willing to give some honest feedback, in a timely manner.

I want to publish in early February, if possible. Interested?


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  1. When do you need readers? Do you have a dealine?

  2. Oops….That was ‘deadline’, not a good beginning for me to leave a typo…apologies…I should never write important things before bedtime! 😉

    • Hi Joyce, You spotted the typo, right away. That’s a good sign. Ideally, I would want your review/corrections, etc. by mid-January. I may do a “pre-order” on the book on Amazon. If I do, I have to have the book published within a certain time-frame. In any event, I want to publish by early Spring. That depends on how much re-writing I need to do, of course. I’d love to have you beta read for me.

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