The power of feedback

I spent a decade working for county government. Government agencies seem to have a fondness for adopting team-building programs.One year our departmental theme was “You Matter”, a phrase meant to encourage us poor bureaucrats to feel less like cogs in a machine, I suppose. I tend to be skeptical of such manufactured enthusiasm and looked at the posters assuring me of how much I mattered to the department as just so much wall-clutter. Nevertheless, I can’t deny the accuracy of the message; every single one of us makes a difference.

As a writer, I know how much every reader matters to me. Interaction with my reader-friends boosts my spirits and reinvigorates my writing. Even negative feedback encourages me to improve.

To encourage feedback, I try to be accessible to my readers by making my Facebook page open to public comment, sharing my website and linking my various social media sites together, hoping to make it easy for my readers to contact me.

Of course, I frequently check out the reviews of my books on Amazon and Good Reads. The reader who takes the time to post a review deserves to have those comments considered, be they encouragement or helpful criticism.

As a reader, I understand how important feedback is to an author, so I try to offer encouraging reviews of the books I read. My words just may help a fellow author out of a slump.

Words are powerful; sincere words of encouragement are priceless.

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Happy reading.

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  1. You know I love reading anything and everything that you write.

  2. You are amazing my friend! This is all so true. Every year for the past 8 years or so, my reflections on the past year and thoughts about the year to come remain the same: never get too busy or caught up in daily life that I don’t have time to offer sincere thanks to those who touch my life in some way. It’s the same resolution every year because it’s always a struggle to not let ‘busy’ take over. 🙂
    Much love and many thanks to you!!!

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