Which are you: “Never enough time to read” or “Hate to come to the end of a really good book”?

For the first time, I published two short story collections last year, and I was gratified with the response from readers.

More and more, I see fellow writers publishing new novellas, mini-novels or short story collections nearly every month, while I plod away, struggling to publish a novel every six months or so.

The logic behind the trend to shorter work is that readers have such busy lives they need to be able to fit reading into their precious few free moments.

I would love to know if my readers would like to see more, shorter fiction, published more often, or if you are content to wait for longer works.

If you have a preference, please respond to this short poll question:

What is your favorite length for reading fiction?

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3 Responses

  1. Not all of us have busy lives. For example, I’m retired so I have the time to read I used to just wish I had. I prefer full length novels because there is more time for a plot to fully develop and I’m not as disappointed when the story finally ends. Novellas always seem to me to end before they can really get started, leaving me wanting far more than the end of a full length novel. Novellas are OK for an occasional holiday story but they will never replace the joy I can get from a full length novel.

    As long as the chapters in a full length novel are not too long, even when life does get busy for me, it’s easy to read one chapter at a time as time permits.

  2. Donna Reed

    Jonna, I will read anything that you print — well not one that is over 5000 words, OK? Love ya!

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